STABILicers Original

Original Stabilicers environmentOriginal stabilicers


Winter can be tough, but our STABILicers Originals are tougher. Serious traction gear for the hardcore sports enthusiasts and those looking for maximum reliability and durability in a product.


Long-lasting soles with case-hardened steel cleats bite into the slickest ice and snow. Simply attach STABILicers to your favorite shoes or boots with hook-and-loop fasteners and never let icy conditions keep you indoors again.


Winter’s not for wimps. Be a part of it! This product is ideal for winter hiking, ice fishing etc. and has proven very popular in outdoor services along with helping the elderly become more mobile.


Product features:

  • Flexible sole provides comfort and traction.
  • 34 case-hardened cleats bite into ice and snow.
  • Replaceable cleats save money and increase product longevity.
  • Straps fit snugly with easy on/off design.