STABILicers: Santa Delivers Some Serious Traction (Youtube External Link)


Skeptics be still! We now have THE proof ! The secret behind Santa’s extraordinary delivery skills are revealed in this exclusive clip. May all your holiday wishes come true. May you all get Serious Traction in your stockings this winter. Be safe, be happy, be healthy this holiday season – we wish you & yours all the best. Thank you for all the support you have delivered to us in 2011 … Here’s to a great 2012!


STABILicers: Wife Carrying Contest (Youtube External Link)


It’s the annual Casco Bay Wife Carrying contest. The couples are strong, eager and have worked on their best technique to reach the top of the summit but the conditions are cold, icy and challenging. However their confidence and strength is challenged by the determination of an unlikely couple with a technique of epic proportions…


STABILicers Meter Maid Victory (Youtube External Link)


Corporate greed, overpaid CEOs & corrupt business practices coupled with harsh conditions can be a bad mix on the winter streets. In times like this we need a hero – someone who can make it right. We’ve found an unlikely hero, we promise you’ll finally root for the dreaded Meter Maid as she sprints to victory!


STABILicers: Abominable Snowman Secret Exposed (Youtube External Link) exposes the secret of the Abominable snowman. Stories of the Yeti first emerged as a piece of Western popular culture in the 19th century. Now we know why this elusive snow creature has never been caught! The ice, snow and rough winter conditions may be his friend and hunting him is not so easy. This proves it!


STABILicers: Little Old Lady Saves the Day (Youtube External Link)


Check out STABILicers new hottie…